- The total length is 60 meters and there is an electrical motor for every 15 meters of belt length.

- The length of a quarter of the elbow is 5 meters and is calculated from the total length of the belt.

- The width of the plastic belt is 60 cm.

- The belts move in straight lines and according to the requirements of the building, with corners or without.

- The sides of belts are made of steel coated with thermal paint 2mm, and there are stainless steel accessories along the belts to ensure that bread does not fall if it is necessary.

- The conveyor belt is made of pure plastic VIRIGIN except for the first piece that comes directly after the fire place is made of steel alloys with a length of 1.5 meters.

- The capacity of each of the cooling belt motors is 1 hp/65 rpm.

- There are two quarter-circles with cooling belt and calculated within the total length of the cooling belt.

Cooling belt

PriceFrom $5,950.00