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Automatic divider

Automatic divider


- The production ability is about 2500 ~ 6000 piece per hour.

- The divider automatically delivers the dough piece to the primary fermentation machine.

- The Automatic divider contains two exit nozzles for the dough, made of aluminium material, with a smooth inner surface, which leads to obtaining the required smoothness in the dough piece.

- The dough will be cutted automatically by Turkish presses (PEMAKS) of good type, and Saudi sensors (SCHNEIDER) German origin and stainless-steel knife (St-St304).

- It is provided with a flour scattering mechanism with a fine sieve made of stainless steel, which scatters the flour on the dough pieces that coming from the slicing mechanism.

- The Automatic divider is made with high precision to ensure obtaining dough pieces with equal weight and shape.

- Provided with a bowl made of stainless steel, with a capacity of 80 kg of dough. Conical shape to ensures smooth dough flowing and prevents air bubbles from appearing in the dough.

- The voltage of this slicer is 380 volts.

- Provided with three electrical motors

1- An electrical motor with capacity 2hp/65rpm that can move the spirals.

2- An electrical motor for the dough conveyor with a capacity 1hp/65 rpm that moves the conveyor of intermittent dough balls.

3- An electrical motor with capacity 1hp/21rpm which rotating with a constant movement in the dough bowl.

- The rotation speed of the electrical motors is controlled by an inverter that suitable for each motor.

- The inner sink of the divider is made of stainless steel and not aluminium or any other material.

- Provided with inner spirals made of stainless steel (St- St304).

- Provided with a separate control panel, rotatable, which allows easily access to it.

- Provided with a separate control and operation panel fixed on it, rotatable, and easy to handle by the operator, and is provided with a separate operating key in addition to the overload switch, and also contains an electronic production meter.

- The weight of the dough piece can be calibrated from 50 to150 gram.

- The conveyor belts axles (felt, polyester) are made of solid structural steel, covered with a layer of zinc to prevent rust, the movement is transmitted through a group of steel gears, which is fixed on the axis by wedges and screws.

- The outer cover is made of several pieces made of stainless-steel sheets.

- Provided with a protection and safety cover for transmission gears in the dough bowl.

- Provided with special safety switches for dough cutting mechanism and dough bowl lifting and lowering mechanism.

- Provided with special additional equipment.

  1. Automatic Mechanism for lifting and lowering dough bowl.
  2. Compressed air gun that used to clean the machine.
  3. Manual grip made of stainless steel to raise the dough bowl.
  4. Manual mechanical lock for dough bowl.
  5. Two electrical outlets for maintenance 220v-380v.
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