- The length of the fireplace is 5 meters.

- The thickness of the fireplace mat is 2 inches, and the diameter of transmission axes is 60 mm.

- Insulated perfectly by thermal fleece from the sides (not by salt), ensuring heat is kept and not leaked to the outer medium, which saves a lot of fuel consumption.

- Italian-made burner (REILLO) that works by gas.

- The oven was built from the sides and curves from good quality fiery tiles - Turkish origin - which can withstand temperatures around 1400 degree.

- Both of the burner and fire place mat and the cooling belt are controlled by the main control panel, ensuring the safety of equipment and personnel.

- It is provided with an automatic mechanism to insert and remove the burner to and from the oven.

- Provided with an automatic mechanism to close and open the oven nozzle when inserting and removing the burner.

- The upper and lower mat ways of the paths is U80 to facilitate the movement of the simpler plates (tiles).

- The control panel is provided with a timer to control extinguishing the mat after the completion of work and reaching the safety temperature to keep the parts of the fire place from breakage.

- Simplified sheets (tiles) are made from structural steel 5 mm thickness and are suitable for food material production.

- All elements of occupational safety and protection are available.

- The floor of the fire place frame is supported by steel plates 5mm.

- Provided with electrical motor 1.5hp/65rpm.

- The outer cover of the fire place is made of stainless steel.

Fireplace (oven)

PriceFrom $12,500.00