A machine that flatenes the dough piece until to take the desired shape of the dough 

This dough sheeter is controlled by a "mechanical" device to adjust the thickness of the loaf, which ranges between 2 to 6 mm, as required 

Equipped with a set of polyamide gears to prevent disturbing noise and with a system to protect workers from work injuries 

Equipped with an inverter to speed up or slow down the production speed 

The shape of the piece is controlled according to the buyer's request

In the Mono Samoon machine, the water content in the dough must not exceed 40%

In the Dual Samoon machine, the percentage of water in the dough can be reached 60%, which gives a better quality of the Samoon


Iraqi Samoon machine

  • Mono with one mold

    • Weight : 100 kg

    • Production : 750 Pieces per hour

    • Electric Current : 220V-380V

    • Power : 0.75HP






Oylum Mah. Seyh Izzettin Cad.

NO : 1/4 Merkez / Kilis / Turkey

Tel: 0090 531 223 65 73

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