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Mini smart production line 1300pcs/h

Mini smart production line 1300pcs/h

  • The production capacity of this bakery is about 1300 loaves per hour, according to the diameter of the loaf.
  • The required length of the hall is 10 meters, the width is up to 8 meters, the height is from 3 to 4 meters.
  • This production line is ideal for supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, mobile bakeries, aid agencies, NGOs, etc.
  • This bakery is an attractive set of state of the art equipment that can be proudly displayed in public.
  • With a length of 3.98 meters and a width of only 1.92 meters, the mini smart production line is the smallest automatic set for making pita bread, pizza and oriental pies such as Manakish thyme, cheese, Lahm Ajeen, etc.

  • The maximum diameter of the loaf is about 27 cm

  • It includes a new technology called one-way parchment for dough, that is replacing the commonly used sheeting system. This allows the entire line to be grouped as a single unit to fit even in a very limited space.

  • There is a metal cooling belt, 2 meters length, with this bakery