- Receive dough pieces coming from the primary fermenter to deliver it automatically to the final fermenter.

- A simple, uncomplicated dough sheeter machine uses steel cylinders which made accurately with very smooth surfaces covered with a layer of good quality of hard chrome and good manufacturing reels FAG.

- The thickness of the loaf (2-8) mm is easily controlled by a mechanical mechanism connected directly to the steel cylinders.

- The dough discs were transferred from the half parchment stage to the complete parchment stage automatically by pistons, on the end of its were fixed a metal mechanism. With helping from sensors (SCHNEIDER).

- The width of the dough transfer belt in the complete parchment stage accommodates a dough disc with a diameter of up to 35 cm.

- Provided with two flour scattering machines in the half parchment stage. It contains a fine sieve made of stainless steel, which scatter the flour in homogeneous manner on the dough pieces, which helps to obtain a flour-free loaf face after the ripening. Each device is controlled independently of the other with the amount of flour present on the dough pieces by means of an inverter that controls the speed of rotation of the engine with a capacity of 0.3 hp.

- The conveyor belts axles (felt- polyester) are made of solid structural steel, covered with a layer of zinc to prevent rust, the movement is transmitted through a group of steel gears, fixed on the axis by wedges and screws.

- The special path for the protrusion on the felt has a conical shape with very smooth surfaces, to reduce the speed of the protrusion wear.

- Provided with a separate control panel, rotatable, which allows easy access to it and is easy to handle by the operator, and is provided with a separate operating key in addition to the overload switch.

- The Bases for fixing the parchment roller cleaning blades has sufficient thickness to prevent the blade from bending, thus ensuring complete and continuous contact with the outer surface of the cylinder.

- Provided with an electrical motor 1hp/ 65 rpm in the half parchment stage.

- Provided with an electrical motor 1hp/ 65 rpm in the complete parchment stage.

- The rotation speed of the electrical motors is controlled by an inverter suitable for each motor

- Provided with four special safety switches fixed on the doors in the complete and half parchment stages.

- The outer cover is made of several pieces made of stainless-steel sheets.

-Provided with special additional equipment.

  1. Special protection sheets on the dough pressure rolls in the half parchment stage, that prevent the worker from reaching them if he tries to catch the dough stuck on them.
  2. Compressed air gun that used to clean the machine.

Automatic dough sheeter

PriceFrom $11,000.00