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Stone Oven

Stone Oven


The product works as an Automatic Burning System and a Touch Screen Automatic Burning System.

In the Automatic Combustion System, one of these systems, which has technologically superior features, a button falls on each burner. When the button is pressed, the lighter, thermocouple and gas are activated. The system is very simple to use and does not require any expertise.

On the other hand, in the Touch Screen Automatic Burning System, all functions are set to be controlled in different languages ​​on the display panel.

Turbo, Thermostatic control, Rotary, Conveyor, Elevator and Steam systems are installed on many products.

We offer worldwide service support for these products.

With thermostat (adjustable up to 400 degrees)

Turbo System (High flame and air adjustment thanks to this system)

Safety System

Revolving Base stone Thickness 3 cm firebrick

Stone Kiln Dome

Side Insulation 13 cm Top Insulation 15 cm

Basestone Speed ​​Adjustment

Aerated Concrete Insulation Under Base Stone

Thanks to its wheels, the product can be changed

Wood Grill (For Wood Flavor)

Flame Length 120 cm

Product External Design Changes According to Demand. (Villa, Oval, Cube, Cylinder, Octagonal)

Exterior Coating (Ceramic, Granite, Chrome, Exploded Marble, Glass Mosaic)