- The final fermenter works with a conveyor belts system, made of polyester. The number of belts is only seventeen.

- The length of the final fermenter is 8 meters, but its width is proportional to the diameter of the loaf.

- The sides of the fermenter are a set of 4 mm thickness glass windows, which can be opened and closed to ensure good tightness, in order to maintain required moisture to obtain the suitable fermenting.

- Provided with a special interior lighting to prevent the growth of mold and provided with stainless steel bottom trays to collect the flour.

- Powered by an electrical motor with a capacity 3 hp/99 rpm whereas the rotational speed is changed by an inverter, in order to set the needed fermentation period.

- The conveyor belt axles (felt) are made of solid structural steel, covered with a layer of zinc to prevent rust, the movement is transmitted through a group of steel gears, fixed on the axis by wedges and screws.

- Provided with special safety switches at the front doors.

- Provided with a separate overload switch.

- The measurement of the Steel chains is 10 B.

- The front and back doors are made of stainless-steel sheets.

- Contains guides attached to the internal sides of the machinery to prevent lateral movement of belts.

Final fermenter

PriceFrom $6,000.00